21 Breakfast Meal Prep Ideas

We get it: mornings are hard. There’s the whole having-to-get-dressed thing, and needing-t0-make-breakfast-without-a-personal-chef thing, and even the sun-is-really-bright thing.

This is why we’ve rounded up all our favorite easy, grab and go breakfast recipes perfect for when you’re on the run. From make-ahead savory breakfast casseroles, to refreshing smoothie bowls, these meals just might turn you into an early bird. Heck, you might even find yourself craving these breakfasts for dinner.

Whether you’re on the sweet or savory side, these breakfasts just cannot be skipped. Even if you’ve snoozed your alarm two (or three) times too many, these breakfasts come together quick for when you’re running out the door. And don’t forget perhaps our favorite part of waking up: cold brew coffee. Whether it’s fall or not, we love topping our cold brew with pumpkin cream or even making it Dalgona-style. Personally, I can’t think of a better speedy breakfast to enjoy with my coffee than a crisp and crunchy biscotti to dunk with.

Looking for speedy low-carb breakfast options? Try our keto blueberry muffins and loaded cauliflower casserole to feel full and energized until lunchtime, without the carbs.

Have a bit more time? We have a bunch of exciting brunch ideas (and the mimosas to go with them), as well as even more breakfast recipes. We even have an upgraded gluten free Pop-Tart for when you want a fun, nostalgic breakfast.


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