5 post-workout instant smoothie recipes

5 post-workout instant smoothie recipes

Written by
Varnika Sharma

Expert opinion by
Dr Akanksha Saxena

Jan 13, 2022, 06:04 pm
3 min read

Your post-workout drink matters a lot.

Exercise is essential to keep your body healthy and so are post-workout healthy food items to regain the lost energy.

Protein-rich foods are desirable to be consumed right after a workout.

But if you don’t feel like eating anything and are looking for a quick fix, then you can down a nutritious smoothie.

Here are five smoothie recipes you can make in no time.

Here is what our expert says

  • Bananas are common in post-workout diets because they’re rich in carbohydrates, proteins, potassium, and fiber.
  • Carbohydrates stimulate insulin secretion which promotes the utilization of glucose rather than the breakdown of protein to amino acids.
  • Muscles store glucose in the form of glycogen during periods of rest, which is broken down to provide a steady supply of energy the next time you work out.

Banana and spinach smoothie

A protein-rich banana and spinach smoothie can make you feel full for a good number of hours.

Clean and freeze some spinach beforehand.

Take half a cup of fat-free milk and yogurt, one banana, two cups fresh spinach, and one tablespoon peanut butter.

Now blend all of the above-mentioned ingredients until they turn smooth.

You can add a few ice cubes also.

Strawberry banana smoothie

This extremely delicious strawberry-banana smoothie is a fiber and vitamin-rich beverage.

Take one banana, one cup of fat-free milk, and half a cup of chopped strawberries.

Blend them well with one-fourth cup of Greek yogurt and one or two tablespoons of peanut butter.

Add some water or ice cubes to make a fine smoothie and enjoy.

An almond protein smoothie is a great way to get a healthy dose of protein, especially after your workout.

You will just need one scoop of protein powder, one-fourth chopped banana, half cup almond milk, and two tablespoons of yogurt.

Mix them together in a blender and enjoy a glass of tasty smoothie.

The banana and protein powder combine to re-energize you.

Chocolate cake batter smoothie

Can chocolate be healthy? Just stay with us.

For this recipe, you need one cup of low-fat milk, one tablespoon unsweetened cocoa powder, one-fourth cup of rolled oats, one tablespoon peanut butter, and chia seeds.

Blend them with one frozen banana and your chocolate cake batter smoothie is ready.

You can also add one scoop of chocolate protein powder. Yum!

Orange, banana, and apple smoothie

Another healthy smoothie for post-workout is orange, banana, and apple smoothie.

Just take two apples, half-cup soy milk, one-fourth cup orange juice, and a half-frozen banana.

Blend them along with two tablespoons of whey protein powder and one tablespoon of flax seeds.

Garnish the fine smoothie with fresh mint, add some ice cubes and it is ready to drink.


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