5 smoothie recipes for a healthy breakfast

For fitness enthusiasts, there is nothing better than starting the morning with a proper workout. To ensure that the workout is a complete success, including personal records, the right nutrient supply must not be missing. A healthy breakfast is a must. In addition to carbohydrates, fats and vitamins, athletes need one thing in particular – protein.

With the protein bomb, healthy nutrition is guaranteed in any case: First, put a banana, 300 grams of Skyr (Icelandic cream cheese preparation), 200 grams of frozen wild berries and 300 ml of low-fat milk in the blender and puree until the berries are completely crushed. Now add 40 grams of instant oatmeal and 30 grams of vanilla protein powder and puree again. Ready is a real power shake with over 6o grams of protein.


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