9 Healthy Smoothie Recipes That Will Make You Go Mmmmm!

Smoothie lover? We got you covered with some power-packed recipes, which are quick, easy to make, and oh so satisfying. Smoothies are a great way to include nutritious elements into your diet, so whether your goal is to detox, eat more greens, or build muscle, we’ve got some yummy options for you!

1. Snickers Smoothie
Give in to your sweet tooth and get away guilt free with this delicious, creamy vegan smoothie by @plantyou, a great option for breakfast or dessert.

2. Matcha Tea Smoothie
Super healthy smoothie, flavored with a scoop of matcha goodness, this recipe found on @smoothieguy’s page, is under 300 calories.

3. Passion Fruit Mango Smoothie
A little bowl of sunshine, this yummy mango and passion fruit smoothie bowl by @purelykaylie is a perfect treat to brighten your day.

4. Avocado Mango & Strawberry Tomato
Take your pick from the these two options, recipe courtesy @smoothie_world.

5. Peach Pie Smoothie
Just the kind of slice of pie we need right now, thanks @smoothie_world

6. Coffee Banana Smoothie
Great for a pre work-out drink or an afternoon pick up, this one is for the coffee lovers by @smoothiediettoday.

7. Chocolate Smoothie
A very nutritious blend of greens and chocolate by @smoothiediet365, this smoothie is great inclusion into your meal plan.

8. Quarantine Smoothie
Boost that immunity with a dose of deliciousness, @thesmoothieguy has the perfect combination for us to try!

9. Berry Blast, Fall Smoothie, and Antioxidant Smoothie
So many options courtesy @meowmeix , three different ways to power pack your meals with some tasty nutritious smoothies.

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