Blue Smoothie on TikTok: A Cheaper, Healthier Twist

Would you pay $17 for a smoothie? Most people wouldn’t! But that’s just what thousands of people did recently to try TikTok’s hottest smoothie, a recipe that, via the hashtag #bluesmoothie, has racked up 17.5 million views and counting.

Erewhon is the upscale grocery store in Los Angeles that’s selling the bright blue drink, which is called “Marianna’s Coconut Cloud Smoothie.” Created with influencer Marianna Hewitt, it features her brand of almond milk as a main ingredient — but that’s not what made this social media’s most famous smoothie. This stunningly beautiful bright-blue smoothie gets its hue naturally from blue spirulina, a type of algae.

The idea of ​​consuming algae may sound odd, but past research suggests it could have anti-inflammatory effects in the body and decrease the risk of developing conditions such as heart disease. Not to mention, spirulina is tasteless.

While the captivating color of the aforementioned viral smoothie may draw you in, you may find the texture is what hooks you. Those people who have tried the drink describe its mouthfeel as light and fluffy. No wonder “cloud” features in its name.

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