Mango Banana Smoothie Recipe

Olayinka lists the ingredients necessary to make two portions of this tasty smoothie, but you can easily adjust the quantities to make more or less. For starters, you will need two bananas. Olayinka recommends to choose yellow bananas, and skip any that are green or spotty. Next, one mango is added in to highlight the tropical flavors of this smoothie. If you are keen to experiment with other fruits, Olayinka says to try “pineapple or young coconut.”

To balance out the sweetness with a tang of acid, squeeze in the juice of half a lime. In order to blend everything together, any milk will work, but Olayinka opts for oat milk, which has a fairly neutral taste. Then, 1 tablespoon of honey brings all of the sweet tropical flavors together. If you prefer, Olayinka vouches that other sweeteners such as maple or agave syrup will also do the trick.

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