Marvel and Dole Collaborate on Avengers-Inspired Healthy Heroes Campaign

A superhero team-up worthy of the Avengers is taking place between Marvel Entertainment and Dole Food Company with the launch of the “Healthy Heroes, Assemble!” campaign. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is the inspiration for all-new branded produce, collectible stickers, original recipes, a social media contest, everyday hero scholarships, and digital downloads. Marvel and Dole are looking to promote “healthy heroes of the mind, should, heart, and home,” culminating in Dole’s Celebrate Superheroes Contest to award $1,000 scholarships to empower everyday heroes to continue their positive impact in their homes, families, communities, and the world.

Dole Healthy Heroes, Assemble! is a nine-month, empowered-living initiative sponsored by the fresh produce leader Dole and inspired by the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The program targets everyday heroes in four categories – mind, soul, heart, and home – during six-week recruitment campaigns featuring new, Marvel character-inspired recipes, original DOLE Banana stickers, and DOLE Pineapple tags, digital downloads, in-store activations , and motivational prizes awarded to inspiring heroes at the end of each period.

Dole and Marvel worked closely together to develop the program, which gets its inspiration from Marvel heroes’ exemplary traits that everyone can attain: Spider-Man is responsible; Iron Man is inventive; Ant-Man is small, but mighty; Black Panther is loyal; Black Widow is athletic; and Grotis always eager to lend a helping hand.

Dole’s Celebrate Super Heroes Contest is the centerpiece of the program, which asks everyday champions to submit their own hero’s story on social media — while challenging and encouraging others — for a chance to win $1,000 scholarships and other prizes that can super-charge their efforts to make a difference. The contest launches in late March, and further details will be announced in the coming weeks.

Something else fans will enjoy is an assembly of 20 original Dole recipes developed by Melanie Marcus, MA, RD, Dole’s nutrition and health communications manager, in honor of Marvel characters. The hero-worthy entrée, side dish, salad, dessert, and smoothie creations rich in fresh fruits and vegetables will be released through September.

“Few can resist the classic Marvel origins story about an everyday champion who overcomes adversity and defies the odds to become a true Super Hero. It’s why we instinctively root for the underdog and know deep down that good will triumph over evil,” said William Goldfield , Dole’s director of corporate communications. “At Dole, we know a little about those heroes, too. From our family farmers and crop specialists to the logistics workers, produce managers, and supermarket retailers around the world, the Dole family consists of tens of thousands of ordinary heroes tirelessly doing their job to feed a hungry world every day.”

“Motivated by our friends at Marvel, we salute those everyday protectors and providers of a healthier, happier and more heroic life,” Goldfield added.

Marvel superheroes can be found on millions of DOLE Banana stickers and DOLE Pineapple tags arriving in supermarkets throughout the US and Canada. The commemorative sticker sets will be updated with new stickers honoring the four hero categories as well as the theatrical releases of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness on May 6th and Thor: Love & Thunder on July 8th. More details can be found on

You can find some of the promotional art below. Let us know what you think of the Marvel/Dole collaboration in the comments!


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