Mistakes Everyone Makes When Making Smoothies

Of all the fruit options you can include in your smoothie, the biggest mistake you can make is adding canned fruit. Not only is canned fruit not truly fresh, but it often comes packed in heavy syrup. Canned fruit in natural juices may be slightly better, but those juices just add more sugar to the mix, without the benefit of fiber or nutrients. Plus, canned fruit is often peeled, and according to Healthline, fruit without skin is lacking crucial fiber, a key reason for including fruit in the first place. Not to mention, the texture canned fruit adds to your smoothie just makes it weird and disappointing.

If canned fruit is a regular part of your smoothie regimen, you’re much better off getting into the habit of keeping fresh fruit in your fridge or freezer to use in your smoothies instead. This will give you everything you need to include fruit in your recipes without sabotaging your fitness goals … you know, those things that likely got you into the smoothie groove in the first place.

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