The Best Blenders Of 2022

Different lifestyles, kitchen spaces, and cooking habits call for different blenders. We’ve selected a wide range of options to ensure that there is an exceptional blender model on this list for everyone, regardless of budget, desired size, or cooking experience. We formed this list through extensive research by carefully analyzing user reviews and press coverage, making sure to include a collection that provides diverse purposes and functionalities.

Even though all blenders on the market share a common purpose, there can be significant variations in each model’s performance. These deviations depend on many factors such as blade construction, jar material, noise level, durability, and mixing settings. Below you’ll find a carefully curated list of the best option for several common blender categories. From simple blenders with a modest price tag to more luxury models that offer top-notch accessories with impressive efficiency, there should be a blender on this list for everyone. You can confidently choose any of the blenders below and know that it’s been used and thoroughly inspected by countless satisfied buyers.

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