What is Gond Katira and 5 ways of using it in summers

The name of this gum is something that most people might have heard from their Nanis and Dadis and because of it, many people still don’t know much about this gum. It is quite surprising to know that this gum has due properties, which means that it can cool as well warm the body in summers and winters respectively. For the same reason, Gond Katira has been used for ages throughout the year. To use in summers, gond katira is soaked in water for about 2-3 hours. This is done so that it can swell up nicely.

In Ayurveda, it holds a special place due to its medicinal properties and has been used to cure various diseases like cough and dysentery. This tasteless and odourless gum changes its texture and appearance just by soaking in water/milk to white jelly from a crystal.

Gond Katira is known to control nose-bleeding caused in summers due to excessive heat while decreasing the temperature of the body. Not just that, it increases immunity while helping with the proper bowel movements and maintaining a healthy digestive system. One of the most surprising health benefits of this gum is that it can cure both diarrhoeas as well as constipation which no ingredient can do.

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